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Are you struggling to make ends meet between paychecks? Trust us; you’re not alone. Many Americans face unexpected expenses or bills they need help to afford with their regular income. In fact, it is almost a given that you will run into unexpected expenses for which you don’t have the financial reserves to fulfill.

That’s where payday loans, also referred to as instant payday loan come in. The great thing about a payday loan is you get the money you need to cover those expenses until the next paycheck arrives. Most of all, at Capitol Drive Loans, we have made applying for a payday loan easy and fast. Fill out our online application and get approved in minutes. Plus, we offer flexible repayment options that are right for you. 

So don’t let unexpected expenses stress you out. Act today to get the financial help you need with our Payday Loans Online Brown Deer. 

Payday Loans Online Brown Deer With No or Low Credit

Payday loans are short-term loans. The loans are usually intended to be paid back on the borrower’s next payday, hence the name “payday loan.”

These loans are ideal for people who need quick access to cash to cover unexpected expenses or emergencies. Generally, payday loans can be risky and expensive; that said, at Capitol Drive Loans, we’ve made an effort to ensure that our loans are more affordable so that it helps the most number of people who need cash urgently.

Here are a few features of our payday loans that set them apart from the competition:

Your Credit Does Not Matter – At Capitol Drive Loans, your credit does not matter as it does with a conventional loan. That is why these are also referred to as bad credit loans. Thus, we don’t need to pull your credit for a cash advance. However, we evaluate each individual’s specific circumstances.

Brand New Employment – We don’t mind if you have just gotten employed; you may still qualify for an installment loan. This is even if a paycheck has not been direct deposited into your bank account. That said, our professionals can help find the right options for you.

Prior History of Bankruptcy – As a professional business, we respect your privacy. That’s why we keep your personal information and other information regarding every transaction and email you send us confidential. So, you can apply for a payday loan online with the confidence knowing that your information will be kept confidential. 

SSI–Approved – We will evaluate and then re-evaluate your account whenever you provide us with new information. Your loan amount is raised to what is federally permitted.

Unexpected expenses can hit you when you least expect them, and that’s when you need a reliable payday loan or cash advance loan lender because most conventional lenders will not entertain your loan application. At Capitol Drive Loans, we are the most trusted and reputed online lenders in Brown Deer. 

Fill out the form on this page to get your payday loan approved ASAP! Don’t let a poor credit score hold you back. 

Why Choose Capitol Drive’s Online Payday Loans?

At Capitol Drive Loans, we understand that unexpected expenses can arise anytime, leaving you in a tight financial situation. That’s why we offer a quick and easy solution to help you cover those unexpected expenses without asking friends and family for assistance.

Here are some reasons why you should choose our payday loans:

Quick and Easy Application Process: Our application process is simple and can be completed in minutes. This allows you to apply online from the comfort of your home or office, and you’ll receive a decision within minutes. If anything ours is the fastest online loan around. 

No Credit Check Required: We understand that only some have perfect credit so we accept people with poor credit scores. That’s why we also don’t require a credit check to approve your loan. As long as you have a steady income and a checking account, you’re eligible for a payday loan. However, we are also willing to discuss your particular circumstance.

Fast Funding: Once your loan is approved, we’ll transfer the funds directly into your checking account. This means you can get the cash you need in as few as 24 hours.

Local and Trustworthy: We’re a local business with a proven track record of helping people in our community. Our loan officers are friendly, professional, and always available to answer questions.

If you have a question about our payday loans or would like to discuss your financial circumstances, feel free to get in touch with us today. You can also apply for fast payday loans aka emergency loans by filling out the application form on this page.

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The Best Online Payday Loan Today

You probably already know that dozens of lenders offer payday loans and cash advances online. However, many have terms tucked deep within the recesses of their loan agreement, which you are expected to sign before getting the loan. These often inexplicable and downright strange terms are the industry’s ‘gotcha’s,’ which will grab you when you least expect.

That’s why you can’t trust all online loans. Plus a payday loan is a special type of personal loan that ensures you get the loan funds in the shortest time possible. 

At Capitol Drive Loans, we believe in transparency. Everything from our fees to our contracts transparently outlines what you can expect to receive and what we expect from you. This means you can agree to the terms and get the loan knowing full well what you’re getting into.

Click here to make a loan request, or to find out more about what personal loans you’ll qualify for based on your unique circumstance.

Payday Loans That Are A Form Away

It is essential that you only trust the most reputed lenders in the industry for your cash advance and payday loans. Fill out the form on this page if you need an instant injection of cash right away, or get in touch with us if you have any questions.



Quick, efficient, and easy! They make it very easy for you to pay it off. Extremely friendly and helpful. I don't have a job, but I was still able to get it with minor disability!

They are quick, easy and helpful. They have great attitudes.

Please review our loan disclosure prior to completing the agreement for your loan.


This advertisement is an invitation to send us an installment loan application. If your loan application is approved, you will need to complete the transaction and collect the funds at the location that you have chosen.

Repayment min to max: 3 to 60 months   Maximum APR: 35.99% 

Total Cost: The total loan amount plus APR

Repayment: Loans are not required to be repaid within 60 days


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Capitol Drive Loans uses credit agencies, sources of data and information on applications during the underwriting process. Not all applications or requests for extensions are approved or receive the maximum amount requested or permitted.

Notice: Payday advances and short-term installment loans should only be used for short-term financial needs, and not as a long-term financial solution. Consumers experiencing financial difficulty should seek credit counseling.


The quickest way to get the information you need is to call or visit our Milwaukee installment loan location, or you can submit an inquiry and a representative will contact you the same day. If you inquire after 6pm, we will contact you by 10am the next business day.

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